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Its A Scram-bowl in the Studio

A few years ago, in the Empty Bowls Studio, the more bowls we made the more tired we got and the worse the puns/humor got. terri-bowl, incredi-bowl, discusti-bowl; you get the drift.

The word Scramble has various, yet related meanings. One of them - to gather something in irregular ways - best describes a breakfast dish that has made me famous from coast to coast. Well, ok by my count this dish has been devoured (many times) with high revues by at least 18 people, maybe 19, from Maine to Virginia to Oregon - coast to coast. This dish started, at least as I recall, in our son's kitchen when Nathan, Jessie and Tinsley were living in O'Fallon, Illinois. I offered to make breakfast and since it had to have a name, I called it Breakfast Scramble.

Eggs, potatoes, sausage, sometimes bacon, zucchini, sweet peppers, jalapeño and lots of cheese.

It goes like this:

Fry the potatoes (hash browns) in a generous amount of butter

Remove potatoes from the skillet, cook the sausage (1 lb), and the bacon (also 1 lb)

Add in the diced vegetables, sauté

Add the potatoes back into the skillet

Stir in 8-10 eggs, scrambled

As the eggs finish cooking, add in generous handfulls of your favorite shredded cheese.

When they were little, our grandkids were a bit hesitant. By the time they had reach the ripe old ages of 7 and 5 their palettes had refined and matured. Now they wholly embrace my breakfast scramble but have renamed it Papa's Mess.

Breakfast Scramble (or Papa's Mess) is like community. Each ingredient stands alone respectfully and importantly. However, when these individuals are thrown together into one larger pot, they compliment and complete one another in grand ways. The result - a remarkable (remark-a-bowl) thing happens and the community is collectively more present, and maybe even more important.

I am sure each of you can think of times when coming together in community made the task easier, more fun and maybe even allowed that task to turn out better.

Papa's Mess (formerly known as Breakfast Scramble) and by the way, biscuits baked in an Empty Bowl!

Bowl making continues, though today has been more about trimming and teaching than throwing. This evening I will be cranking out 48 bowls. We are still on track to have 1200 bowls ready by November 22.

Be well, be creative, stay safe and eat soup. Tomorrow - favorites things to eat out of an Empty Bowl!

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