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The Bowl Saga Continues...

Recently, on the Empty Bowls Facebook, the question was posed - "What is your favorite thing to eat from an Empty Bowls bowl?"

A year ago I had a student, a delightful young woman, who was always asking - "Hey McBeth, what's your favorite_______? Music, song, dessert, book, movie, dinner and on and on. I am sure you have all been asked that question in some form or another. I had to honestly answer, "I don't have a favorite." And I don't. I can jokingly proclaim that Tinsley is my favorite granddaughter, because I only have one granddaughter. With things like music, food, potters & pots and and and; I just don't have a favorite. What I want to eat, read, see, hear so much depends on the weather, my mood, what I am doing and who I am with. In Martin I would rather have barbeque than haddock casserole, in Maine I would almost always rather have lobster than steak. On a cold autumn day I would rather have chili than ice cream.

While I would not classify them as favorites, there are certainly things I prefer over others. I prefer hot, thick, dark roast coffee over tea, but there are times when a piping hot mug of Egyptian Licorice tea tastes mighty darn good. So what's my favorite thing to put into an Empty Bowls bowl - food. I ate a sausauge patty, fried egg and a biscuit drizzled with homemade habanero infused honey in a bowl for breakfast this morning. I ususally don't put sandwichy things in a bowl, or steak; but I could I suppose.

The sausage patti and biscuit in my breakfast this morning was courtesy of a local church that was handing out a free breakfast in our neighborhood this morning. I am quite sure my cardiologist would frown but it did taste good. That simple act of genorosity, that gifting of a sausage biscuit is a fine example of how fellowship/community can be fostered around food.

Empty Bowls' biggest gift is the donation you all create for We Care. The side benefits are the soup and fellowship enjoyed on the big day. The bowls you take home provide the catalyst for conversation around the dinner table about hunger issues, poverty, felllowship and caring. Share your soup recipes with us please. Help create a bigger Empty Bowls community by sharing this web/blog and our other social media. Thank you!

Ok, maybe I do have a favorite food to put in an Empty Bowl!

Bowl Count

Finished Bowls - 153

Bisque Fired Bowls - 160

In the Kiln drying - 62

In the studio Drying - 22

Waiting to be Trimmed - 28


Be well and stay safe!

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